RFD-TV Visits Tanglefoot

It was my first official day on the job here at Tanglefoot Ranch and already we had a TV crew from Nashville stop by for a visit. In that sense, it feels just like home. Instead of standing in front of the camera asking the questions or ushering TV crews around a busy southern Indiana theme park, I got to show off what it is we do here at Tanglefoot.

The main interest here at Tanglefoot seems to be Grover’s fresh-water prawns so today he decided to show the TV camera his shrimp nursery and how we transport tens of thousands baby shrimp out to their ponds. Obviously understanding they only had one shot to get it right, the shrimp cooperated and put on quite a show for the camera as they leapt out of their dip nets and into the ponds they’ll call home for the next 3 to 4 months.

Of course you can’t just watch baby shrimp being released so that’s when Grover fired up his industrial-sized George Foreman Grill (he’s quite proud of this piece of kitchen hardware) and put some shrimp on the barbie. Pulling a bag of full-sized frozen prawns from last year’s harvest, Grover gave Talina a quick lesson in peeling and deveining the shrimp and even enlisted Everly and Adalyn to help skewer them for cooking. A little butter and garlic salt and everybody was in lunchtime nirvana. Being a former TV reporter myself, I’ve never met a crew who didn’t like to eat!

After splitting several skewers of buttery and garlicky shrimp, Grover took the crew from RFD-TV over to see the high tunnel operation where plenty of tomatoes and raspberries are well on their way to ripening for harvest. It was a busy day but you can tell Grover truly loves everything he does here at Tanglefoot Ranch. Today the story is posted online here but you can watch it below:

Happy Trails!
– Nathan

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